What are the TEE (titles of energy efficiency) or the White Certificates

The titles of energy efficiency (TEE or White Certificates) constitute a recent mechanism to incentivize the energetic saving in the final uses of energy made by the Ministry in order to facilitate the utilisation of equipment, installations and efficiENT technical solutions which leads to a huge and concrete reduction of energy consumption.

The TEE’s mechanism is based on the obLigation for the gas/electricity distributor companies, with more than 50.000 final costumers, to achive an annual predetermined aim of energy saving.

The TEE are energetic titles (expendable in an appropriate market) which corrispond to an achieved energy saving. One TEE corresponds to the achieved saving equal to 1 Tep (the energy released from the combustion of an equivalent Tonne of Oil, respective 11.630 kWh, almost 10 million kcal).

To obtain the TEE is necessary to put in place measures which lead to an energy saving. Since not every basic measures create it, the Ministry has defined a minimal amount that, when apllicated, could lead to saving so, to TEE’s release.

These measures are listed in technical sheets (divided in standardized, analytical and stocktaking) that explain which are the usable equipments to achieve an energy saving, how to calculate and quantify it.
The TEE recognized as obtained energy savings, after having been verify by the GSE, are realeased by the GME (Energy Market Operator) to the entities responsible of trading on the market, which are usually identified in the ESC (Energy Service Company), in the Energy Manager of great energy consuming companies, or in other entities identified in the title’s regulation.

2. The White Certificates for heat pumps and coolers
Even in the civil climatization matter is possible to carry out measures which allow to obtain the white certificates (TEE). In fact is available the Techincal 26T sheet: “Installation of centralized systems for winter/summer conditioning of building for civil use”.
This sheet can be used in case of installation of new heat/cold generators, accompanied or not by heat regulation and metering systems regarding new or existing buildings.
It it also used to install gas absorption heat pumps, both heating and reversible type (heating/cooling).
This sheet is analytic, so it requires a report of the achieved energy savings, carried out by installing a heat metering system.
(The thecnical sheet and its details are available on the GSE site).

Also in the refrigeration field, which can be advantageously realized with gas absorption coolers, the GSE has recently made available a technical sheet for the achievable savings’ reporting and therefore for the acquisition of the TEEs.

For applications involving the production of cooling energy in industrial processes, (excluded the air-conditioning of buildings), is available the Technical Data Sheet 35E: “Installation of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers for industrial applications”.

It is applied both to absorption systems with a generator fed by recovered thermal energy or produced from biomass or another alternative source, and to those fueled with methane gas or LPG.

Also in this case the technical data sheet is an analytical one, so it requires the use of energy accounting systems.

It has to be underlined the fact that technological / industrial processes, which are closely tied to productive activity and not to climatic conditions, are often characterized by a high number of operating/functioning hours, thus an important energy saving potential.